If you have older clients, you know the challenges:

Capacity is fluid, contextual, and difficult to assess
Most seniors don’t want or can't afford an irrevocable trust
The law offers little protection short of guardianship
A FINRA Rule 2165 disbursement hold won't protect your client's home. We will.

Here's how we can help you protect your clients

  • We can add protections similar to FINRA Rules 2165 (disbursement holds) and 4512 (trusted contacts) to their homes
  • We can notify you whenever they go to sell, mortgage, or give away their homes
  • We can make contracts they sign without talking to you first very hard to enforce
  • We can require small private lenders to make Reg. Z disclosures
  • We can require your clients to have legal representation in inherently risky transactions, such as gift deeds and reverse mortgages
  • We can help reduce the need for guardianship

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