Sounds great. So how does it work?

Quick Definitions

  • SHERPA stands for Senior Homeowner Equity & Realty Protection Advisor (that's us)
  • A title is a recorded list of rules describing legal interests in a property. Earlier rules take precedence over—and can controllater rules
  • A SHERPA Covenant puts the world on notice that you have established special rules to keep your interests safe in future transactions
  • A SHERPA Agreement is a contract in which you pay SafetyDeed to enforce your rules no matter what happens in the future

Sherpas help climbers make good decisions at higher altitudes.
SafetyDeed helps seniors make good decisions in their later years.

Our three step approach


We “freeze” your home’s title by recording a restrictive covenant

  • We sign the covenant with a cryptographic signature that cannot be forged
  • This public filing takes precedence over any future unauthorized changes to your deed
  • The result is that your title is frozen

It will be extremely difficult for a bad actor to enforce any agreement you sign while your title is frozen—even if you sign it in front of witnesses and a notary.


You set the rules for unfreezing your title

Examples might include:

  • If I want to sell or mortgage my home after I turn 80, my lawyer has to be involved
  • My financial advisor must review any contracts before I sign them
  • My children must be informed about any proposed sales and mortgages after I turn 75
  • My wife should always be represented by a lawyer after I die
  • Future lenders must make Truth in Lending Act disclosures even if they are otherwise exempt from doing so due to their size
  • Future lenders must file copies of all loan applications and Ability to Repay worksheets with SafetyDeed

We unfreeze your title only after all your rules have been followed

  • We have a fiduciary duty to protect your title
  • We don't accept or pay commissions or referral fees
  • We don't share your data
  • We only do one thing: Protect your title

You will never need anyone's permission to do what you want with your home.
We are not a guardian or trustee.

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