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4 Long-Term Care Facts to Help Caregivers in the Pandemic
Your home is probably your largest asset—you don’t want it to fall prey to scammers or caregiver fraud. To avoid a sale or mortgage without your consent, freeze your home’s title through With our cryptographic technology, you’ll remain in full control of your home.
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How to Protect Your Brokerage Account if You Fall Victim to Financial Abuse
A few years ago, the SEC approved two rules designed to protect brokerage account holders if they fell victim to elder financial abuse. FINRA Rule 4512 requires brokers to ask their clients for the name of a “Trusted Contact” to call if they suspect financial abuse. Rule 2165 allows brokers to temporarily withhold disbursements from accounts if they suspect fraud.
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How to Keep Your Caregiver from Becoming Your Guardian
As we get older, many of us need a little help doing things we used to do by ourselves, such as shopping, cooking, and cleaning. Sometimes we need help managing our finances. But that doesn’t mean we can’t still make decisions for ourselves. Here’s how to avoid having a caregiver or assistant turn into a guardian.
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How Predatory Lenders Steal Money from Innocent Homeowners
Did you know that the average senior homeowner has $261,000 in home equity — 38% more than the average 45-54 year-old? That makes them prime targets for crooked lenders and predatory mortgage brokers. Fortunately, there are some simple rules you can follow to protect yourself.
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Could an Abusive Guardian Take Over Your Life?
Here's how people fall victim to guardian abuse and what you can do to protect yourself
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How Someone Could Steal Your House—and Get Away with It!
Perhaps you’ve seen ads on TV warning about house stealing or title theft. Is it real? Yes, but fortunately quite rare. But there is another type of fraud that happens much more often. Let me walk you through both types so you know how to protect yourself.
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