How we protect your client’s home

We “freeze” their home’s title by recording a protective covenant that’s cryptographically signed and impossible to forge
They (with your advice and counsel) set the rules for unfreezing their title
We “unfreeze” their title only after all the rules have been followed
Once a title is frozen, a home can't be sold, mortgaged or given away until it’s unfrozen

How we can help you help your clients

  • We can notify you whenever your clients go to sell, mortgage, or give away their homes
  • We can make contracts your clients sign without talking to you first extremely difficult to enforce
  • We can require even small private lenders to make Reg. Z disclosures
  • We can defeat bona fide purchaser and holder in due course defenses so your clients can recover their homes or disavow mortgages even if they have been sold to third parties
  • We can reduce the risk of guardianship by reducing the risk of fraud
  • We can save you time tracking down paperwork and counterparties
  • We can provide you with counterparty disclosures and representations you can use in court

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